Come and celebrate your Birthday at Inflatable World Oz.

Note: Inflatables at venues may differ from images and are subject to change without notice.

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Inflatable World is available for fully catered functions of all descriptions

  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • End of Year Function
  • Sports Teams Get-togethers
  • School Trips
  • Holiday Programs


PLEASE NOTE: As of 01/01/2020 we no longer allow self-catering for our parties. No outside food or drink will be able to be brought in to the premises with the exception of Non-Ice Cream Birthday Cakes & Lolly Bags.



Prices as of 1/1/24

Party Option 1

90 mins – 12 kids & 4 playing adults               $360.00

Extra Participant – 5+ years                              $28.00

Extra Participant – 4 & Under                           $22.00

  • includes your choice of 2 Items from our SNACK menu (see below)
  • includes your choice of 3 items from our HOT FOOD menu (see below)
  • includes hot chips and unlimited water/cordial.
Party Option 2

90 mins – 12 kids & 4 playing adults                $380.00

Additional Guest – 5+ years                               $28.00

Additional Guest – 4 & Under                            $22.00

  • includes your choice of 2 Items from our SNACK menu (see below)
  • includes your choice of one $40 Platter and two $20 Platters/Bowls (see below)
  • includes unlimited water/cordial.


SNACK MENU (make TWO selections for both Option 1 & Option 2 parties)

Mixed Lollies, Popcorn, Potato Chips, Cheezels.


HOT FOOD MENU (make THREE selections for Option 1 parties)

Party Pies, Party Sausage Rolls, Chicken Nuggets, Cocktail Franks.


PLATTER/BOWL MENU (Option 2 Parties – Select ONE $40 option and TWO $20 options)

These may also be purchased in addition to your package.

$40 – Fruit Platter, Sandwich Platter, Party Pie/Sausage Roll Platter, Pizza Platter, Asian Banquet.

$20 – Fairy Bread Platter, Hot Chips Platter, Bowl of Chicken Nuggets, Bowl of Cocktail Franks.



These may be purchased in addition to your package.

Ice Cream Cake – $25.00

Lolly Bags – $3.00

When booking a party, please leave your food choices in the comment section of our online booking form.


Please advise all of your guests that they will need to wear socks while playing on the equipment.

      • If your party grows by more than five guests, please let us know as soon as possible
      • We are more than happy for parents to play – in fact, we encourage mums and dads to get in and have fun with their children


How the party works

      • We supply tables and chairs for 90 minutes.
      • Outside of the provided party food, we still have plenty of food and drink available for purchase.
      • NO food or drink is permitted to be brought into the establishment with the exception of Non-Ice Cream Cakes & Party Bags.
      • We will provide all plates, cups, spoons, forks or napkins for your party.
      • We do not supply plates and spoons unless the cake is purchased from the establishment.
      • You are welcome to decorate your table.
      • Sit back and watch the kids at play
      • We have snacks, confectionery, soft drinks and juices available
      • Sorry, we cannot prepare any hot food brought in from off-site nor can we offer heating facilities
      • We will clean your table post-party but please take and decorations/party waste home with you.

Party Check List

      • Socks (spares) – some of your guests might forget
      • Cake (Non-Ice Cream)
      • Candles
      • Matches or lighter
      • Knife, plates, spoons if you are supplying your own cake
      • Personal water bottles


What not to bring

      • Any outside Food or Drink with the exception of Non-Ice Cream Cakes & Party Bags
      • Pinatas (too dangerous)
      • Party Poppers, Silly String or Confetti (too messy)
      • Face Paint (too messy)
      • Party Horns (too loud)

We highly recommend that the birthday presents are opened at home, as we often find pieces of new gifts left on the floor.

Also, our venues do not lend themselves to traditional party games – the kids are more than happy on the inflatables.

Please don’t turn up early for your party – your table may not be ready for you.



Feel free to decorate your table with plates and balloons, etc.  Please do not tie balloons or banners to the sports nets (removing them could damage the nets).
Do not tie any decorations to the light fittings.
All party rubbish must be taken home with you – this includes any decorations.


What to Wear

Everyone playing on the inflatables must wear socks – no socks, no play.
Inflatable world is a high energy maximum activity zone – kids get hot and sweaty, so we suggest you wear loose comfortable clothing.
Please leave your hats, jewellery, tiaras, watches, iPods, and pets at home.


Booking your Party

The best way is to give us a call or to drop us an email via the web site.

If you choose to email please include the following:
Your full name
Mobile phone number
Email address
Name of party child & age
Date of party
Numbers (approx) both children and adults attending


We’re sure you will have a great time at Inflatable World.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Note: Inflatables at venues may differ from images and are subject to change without notice.