INFLATABLE WORLD!! It is exactly as it sounds; a world full of inflatable fun! Bring the whole family; it’s not just for the kids – adults can have fun too!

Sessions are for 2 hours per entry fee. Don’t worry, the kids (and you) will be tired out by then! You can play on the inflatable activities as many times as you like during the session and our supervisors are there to help make sure everyone is safe and gets a fair turn. 

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We can cater for large groups including Birthday Parties, School Trips, School Holiday Programs, Corporate Events, Sporting Groups or Christmas Parties. If you are after information regarding exclusive hire, please contact us on (08) 8258 6000.


  • All children under 12 must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.
  • All children aged 4 and under must be accompanied by a PLAYING ADULT as they need extra assistance on the equipment to ensure their safety and we no longer provide a separate toddler area.
  • Parents must stay with their children as they are responsible for their children’s supervision AT ALL TIMES. Court supervisors monitor the safe use of equipment but are not responsible for the supervision of children’s behaviour.
  • All participants use the equipment at their own risk.
  • Inflatable World is not recommended if you are unwell, pregnant, have a bad back, or are injured. Also please be aware that anyone who has a cast on will not be allowed to play on the equipment due to safety reasons.
  • NO SOCKS – NO PLAY. All participants must wear socks at all times while playing on the inflatables. If you forget to bring a pair, we have socks available for sale for $3 a pair (both for children and adults)
  • All participants must act in a safe and responsible manner when attending Inflatable World. This means: no running in the Arena, no climbing on or around the sides of the inflatables, you must not climb up any of the slides on the equipment (slide down only) and no shoes on the equipment.
  • Anyone entering the premises must be aware that unruly and bullying behaviour as well as obscene language is not tolerated. Anyone engaging in these behaviours may be asked to leave the Arena with no refund given.

Food & Drink

We do have a range of hot food available for purchase as well as other snacks and confectionery. You are also welcome to bring in your own food, however you cannot use our facilities to store or re-heat anything you bring in (baby bottles excepted). Our kiosk has a range of bottled water, soft drinks, and kids drinks available to purchase. We also have a self-serve coffee machine available to use.

No alcoholic drinks may be brought in or consumed on the premises and no food or drink is allowed on the inflatables or in the inflatable areas at any time.


What to Wear

Everyone playing on the inflatables must wear socks.  No socks – no Play. Inflatable World is a high energy maximum activity zone (kids get hot and sweaty), so we suggest you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please leave your hats, jewellery, tiaras, watches, etc at home.


Parking available in our off-street parking lot with plenty of parking spots!



If using your GPS to find us, search:

42 Famechon Crescent,
Modbury North, SA 5092

Inflatable World Modbury is run from the venue known as Arena42. We are located on the bottom end of Famechon Crescent (look for the big grey building at the end of the street on the left).