Frequently Asked Questions – Private Parties


Can I order food from you and bring along some of my own food? 

Yes, absolutely! Most parties do a combination of our hot food options and some snack options they provide. Or we can take care of it all! Click here to check out our current food and drink options.

Can I update my food order closer to the date, and if so, when do you need to know?

Yes, you’re welcome to return to the same online link we sent through in the initial email to update your order. Simply re-submit the form with all the details and be sure to select UPDATED FORM. Food orders should be finalised the week prior to your booking so we have time to place our orders. 

Do you have invitations? 

Yes, we have 3 templates available on our website here. You can choose your design and download as you need! 

Can I decorate the tables with a theme? 

Yes, you’re welcome to decorate your tables with balloons and small items to theme it up! Just make sure the balloons are weighted down or you might lose them in our high ceilings! 

Is the birthday child included in the 50 wristbands? 

Yes, please include them as part of your list.  

Is there a party room or specific area we are allocated? 

For private parties, the party tables are located along the walkway adjacent to the play area. 

Can we request a specific number of tables, or can we have extra tables? 

For our Bronze package, we include 3 seated tables for your guests and a separate table for food/drink/cake. If additional tables are required, you can request to upgrade the package to Silver or Gold. For these packages extra tables are provided upon consultation with the organiser before the day. 

If we have slightly more than our package includes, do we need to upgrade to the next level or can we pay for extra bands? 

If you use a larger number of bands than your package includes, we can just charge for the extra bands on top of the package cost. This will be finalised on the day of the booking once all guests have arrived. The charge is usually less than our standard entry price for each additional band; if you use extras that takes you past the next package, we will then cap the cost at that higher package price. For any questions, please speak to Management. 

If parents bring siblings along or extra children, can they pay for them separately? 

As private parties are not open to the public, it is up to each individual party as to whether they would be happy for people to bring along extras. There are 2 options available. Firstly, we add extras to your guest list and include them as part of the bands or you pay for them as an additional band if you go over the included numbers. Otherwise, we can charge separately for extra bands on the day when people arrive at our standard entry price. Please speak to Management to clarify this on the day of your booking. 

Can we have extra time for our party after the kids are finished playing? 

We kindly ask if you could please move on as soon as possible after your session has concluded in order for us to maintain safe capacity levels in the building and clean up for other bookings. We may need the tables for another group after your session has ended. 

Can we have someone come in to provide a service for our party like a clown or character? 

Outside companies/services can be included as part of your private party, including characters or clowns. These would need to be approved by Management BEFORE the day of the party. Please note face painters and catering companies cannot be included as part of these services. 

Can we put up a backdrop or banner near our tables? 

Yes, your food/drink table has space behind it for a backdrop or banner if you wish to bring one with you. 

Can we have early access for set up of backdrops, banners etc? Or can we drop them off earlier? 

Due to multiple parties running and other activities at the venue access will usually be a maximum of 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time; this includes for set up of any backdrops or banners. We cannot store any of these items so they would need to be brought along at this time, so please keep this in mind when coordinating with any third-party providers. 

When do I need to confirm exact numbers for our booking? 

We do not require exact numbers; we require a guest list filled out with the names of those playing on the equipment. This can be provided at any time and with at least 7 days’ notice preferably. 

Who should I include on the guest list? 

Anyone who is planning to play on the equipment should be included on the guest list, including any adults who might want to play or who will need to accompany any children under 5. We do not need to know the names of any spectators. 

Is there an age limit for the castles? 

Our castles are available for anyone to play on that is of walking age, adults included! For any children under 5 they will require an adult to play on the equipment with them at all times. 

Do you have any gluten free food options? 

At this point we do not have any gluten free options available; you are welcome to bring along food that is suitable for anyone requiring this. 

We have someone with specific allergies, do you have any information on allergens? 

Because of supply shortages and a rotating roster of food options available to us at times, we cannot guarantee that we can cater to specific allergies. You are welcome to check directly with staff on any specific items at the party or the week prior to your booking. You can also bring along your own food to cater for anyone with specific dietary requirements. 

Is a party host provided? 

We do not have anyone who hosts your party, we provide wristbands for all guests at the counter as your guests arrive and supervisors for the equipment to make sure everyone playing at Inflatable World has a great time! 

Can I make changes to our guest list on the day? 

Yes, you can adjust the list on the day if required, and we will not charge you for anyone that doesn’t turn up if they are an extra guest. 

Is there a minimum number required to host our party? What if less turn up on the day? 

Our private party packages are a set cost so the price will remain the same but you’re welcome to come along and have a great time anyway! You can also add extras on the day if needed to make up the numbers.